The Health of Newcomers: Immigration, Health Policy, and the Case for Global Solidarity

By Patricia Illingworth and Wendy E. Parmet (NYU Press, 2017)

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Reviews of The Health of Newcomers

"The struggle to guarantee social rights transcends local legislations and the traditional idea of citizenship, given the human rights nature of these entitlements. This means that the demand for healthcare can come from anybody, and not only from citizens of a particular country. This book provides solid empirical, legal, and ethical arguments in support of the expansion of healthcare to immigrants. It must be read by all those committed to closing the unacceptable gaps that so unequally allocate opportunities along gender, racial, ethnic, migration, and socioeconomic lines."

—Julio Frenk, MD, PhD, President of the University of Miami and former Minister of Health of Mexico

"In an age of Ebola and Zika, policy makers and the public must read this book. It conveys a message of hope, not fear, as an antidote to the politics of animus and exclusion. Illingworth and Parmet beam a bright light of rationality on the pervasive public discourse about migration and health."

—Lawrence O. Gostin, O'Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law, Georgetown University Law Center

"At a time when debate about migrants and health care has devolved to sound bites often devoid of facts, Patricia Illingworth and Wendy E. Parmet remind us that in order to build healthy and thriving communities, we must ensure that all people, regardless of socioeconomic or immigration status, should be able to get the quality, affordable health care they need when they need it. They make a persuasive, comprehensive argument that making access to health care a universal public good among all nations actually improves health outcomes for all of us."

—Marielena Hincapié, Esq., Executive Director, National Immigration Law Center

"The authors make a compelling case that the relationship between immigration and health policy is far more nuanced than has been generally recognized."

Health Affairs

"Expertly explores health and its relation to immigrants and natives, arguing that global health is an important norm for all nations and global health threats have implications for all."